iPad 2 Begins Shipping in 24 Hours in US

After launching a few months ago, Apple now seems to have caught up with demand as the majority of iPad 2 models are now shipping within 24 hours. Out of the 18 variations currently available, all but the 64GB black WiFi model are shipping within 24 hours at the moment. The other 17 version (various white/black/WiFi/WiFi+3G/Verizon/AT&T) will all be with buyers tomorrow if ordering today.

Over here in the UK, the shipping time is still a few business days although this will likely catch up the US and switch to 24 hour shipping within the next few weeks.

Shortages are common for the iPad and iPhone releases as Apple don’t seem to be able to make enough to meet the demand. With a new manufacturer on-board, we might see supply catching up a little although expect to still see large queues on product launch days.

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