iPad 2 Announcement Rumored for March 2

Yesterday, rumors began to circle about the iPad 2 launch being delayed till June to match the iPhone 5 release date. The WSJ is now reporting that Apple intend to launch a year after the original iPad (early April) and that the new iPad will be announced as early as next week on March 2nd.

If WSJ’s sources are correct (notice sources as in several), then the event will be held in San Francisco.

With Steve Jobs being on medical leave at the moment, it is believed that Tim Cook will be making the iPad 2 announcement. Also, blogs and news editors should start to receive invitations any day now inviting them to the event.

What can we expect from the iPad 2? A new display is hinted at that will allow more contrast and wider viewing angles. We also hear it will be a very similar size to the current generation model in that the screen will still be 9.7 inches, probably with the same resolution although the overall size will shrink down slightly due to a thinner bezel and smaller innards.

With the launch of first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet tomorrow, the Motorola Xoom, Apple now has some work to do to keep ahead in the game this year. It will certainly be interesting seeing what they come up with.

Via: BGR

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