iPad 2 Could be Announced February 13

Rumors are hinting that Apple might announce the iPad 2 on the same day that iOS 4.3 is announced. That date is expected to be February 13.

The reasoning behind this date is that iOS 4.3 will be announced which will bring hotspot functions to the iPhone. Also, this marks the 2 week end to the Verizon deal where the company are picking up the tab for those subscribing to The Daily iPad app.

What we have heard is also the 8th February in the past, so right now it appears that we are looking at best guesses at the moment. Either way, we should see the launch details of the iPad 2 announced soon.

As for iOS 4.3 getting a whole event for its self, it’s not something we believe will happen this time around although connecting it with the second gen iPad launch could be more of a possibility.

Via: T3

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