iPad 2 Ads Already Shot Last Month

Apple [AAPL] is believed to have created some iPad 2 adverts. The commercials were shot in New Yorks Pier 59 by a photographer called David Sims from Britain. The commercials were said to use the current iPad first gen model although it is believed these particular shots containing the iPad will be switched out with iPad 2s when launch time approaches.

One of the participants told us that even though there weren’t any new products on the scene, everyone had to sign non-disclosure documents and security was tight.

Of course it could be just an iPad first gen commercial being created in time for the holiday season with a mix of actors with one of them believing the iPad 2 was coming. Previous rumours have hinted at a December launch although it is still more likely that April 2011 is the official launch of the iPad 2.

Take the iPad 2 commercials with a pinch of salt at the moment till we get more details on them.

Via: 9to5Mac

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