ioSafe Fireproof and Waterproof External Hard Drive updated

ioSafe-Solo-rightWe reviewed an ioSafe a few months back and were VERY impressed with the USB external harddrive that can withstand temperatures of 1550 degrees F as well as being dunked in 10 feed of water for 3 days. At the time of writing the review the ioSafe had a maximum capacity of 1.5TB. We now hear that a new two Terabyte model has been launched in the same series of external drives.

The fireproof external harddrive is priced at $399 and provides the ultimate physical protection for your data should your house or office be flooded or be set on fire.

‘The 2 TB ioSafe Solo is a great product for anyone looking to buy a desktop external hard drive who needs the high capacity and single drive simplicity. When used as a backup device, the ioSafe can protect against data loss from primary hard drive failure, accidental deletions as well as fires, floods and other forms of physical disasters, said ioSafe CEO, Robb Moore. ‘Businesses struggling with disaster recovery or regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI or Sarbanes Oxley can also use ioSafe hardware to add simple and secure protection. The ioSafe Solo is one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to protect your data.

The ioSafe is available from various online stores such as Amazon.

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