iOS Infinity Blade Update Landing Next Week

Infinity Blade for the iPhone and IPad (and iPod touch) launched last week. We now hear that a new update is incoming as early as next week.

The new update will bring five new weapons to the game as well as five new shields, five new helmets and new armor. As well as the new weapons and defense features, the game will have a new level cap of 45 added to it.

Also, the update next week will bring a new enemy type called the Marrow Fiend.

Large updates (all for free) are also incoming which will introduce new areas to explore as well as a story that evolves more.

“There will be new areas to go to, the story will be evolving a little more as you see what the God King is really up to, and we’re going to let people go down into the dungeons,” Donald Mustard confirmed. “For high-level players especially, you’ll start to find some enemies that make the [current] enemies look like nothing.”

Finally, a multiplayer mode will be added in a future update although we don’t know when that will be.

Via: Joystiq


  1. Android any time soon?

    I wanted to make a Android game and using the UDK might be a great way if it will be supported. I don’t want to learn that engine if it will not be ported though.

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