iOS Browser Share Ends up at 52% in 2011

Just over half of all mobile devices browsing the web were created by Apple. Numbers are showing that at the end of 2011, Apple had a 52.1 percent share of mobile browser traffic.

Apple’s iOS finishes 2011 with 52% share of mobile Web browsing. Comparing these numbers to the numbers of people visiting here at gadgetvenue a quick snapshot of the last 30 days reveals that 52.2% of mobile visitors use an iOS device.

Google Android has a 16.2 percent share with Java ME having 21.3 percent.

The highest Apple hit was 61.5 percent in October 2011 followed by 54 percent in November, so there is a downward slide happening here.

The chart above shows individual devices which includes the iPhone, iPad along with specific operating systems such as Android 2.3 and Symbian. Overall, the iPad grew from about 16 percent to almost 25 percent over the last year. Android 2.3 which launched in December 2010 also had quite rapid growth which was partly to do with new devices launching as well as older devices eventually getting updates.

It is difficult to predict where the numbers will be this time next year although Android 4.0 will certainly be in there along with iOS devices and perhaps Windows Phone might break out of the “other” category.


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