iOS 5 Screenshot Leaked – Might Not be Real, But Close

The screenshot below may or may not be iOS 5. A subtle difference you’ll see in the image is the twitter notification bar that is showing just under the status bar. We’ve heard a few times before that Twitter will be integrated in to iOS 5 and what we see could be the way notifications for Twitter are received.

If the image isn’t real (which can’t be proved till later today), then we still could be looking at something like this that is more discreet than the usual popup box we see when alerts come through.

WWDC kicks off this morning with a keynote from Steve Jobs that will demo iOS 5, iCloud and OS X Lion. Although we don’t expect to see iOS 5 to launch publicly today, we could see developers gain access so that they can start designing new apps for when it does arrive.

Going back to the notification seen above in the image, we also could be seeing widgets added to iOS 5 which will allow for live information from the likes of Facebook to be put on the home screen of the iPhone/iPad.

We’ll have all the details later on this morning!


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