iOS 5 Hotmail Integration Brings 100K to Hotmail Per Day

When iOS 5 launched one of the smaller features included was Hotmail integration in the Mail Settings. Selecting this allows users to more easily add their Hotmail address to iOS 5 so that they can check and respond to email via the standard Mail app.

We learn today that since iOS 5 launched, Microsoft [MSFT] is seeing 100,000 new iOS 5 devices each day log in to Hotmail. Since the launch over 2 million users have logged in to Hotmail via those settings.

Microsoft also gave a breakdown of those numbers telling us that 40% of those users were logging in with an iPhone 4 and 24% on an iPhone 4S. 12% came from the iPhone 3GS and we assume the remaining 24% are logging in with an iPad or iPod touch.

Although the addition of Hotmail to the Add Mail pane in iOS 5 is responsible for those activations, it was also possible to connect up to Hotmail by using Other or Exchange on iOS 4 although labelling it Hotmail of course opens it up to a lot more people who didn’t realise they could use Mail on iOS to check their email.


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