iOS 5 has Some Limitations for 3GS Owners

When iOS 4 first launched, a few features were held back from older versions of the iPhone. The same has happened with iOS 5 although the list of unavailable features isn’t as dramatic as seen in earlier versions of the OS.

First the good news. From what we understand, iOS 5 works great on older hardware such as the iPhone 3GS. Notifications work well and the scroll down notification pane is fully functional with no lag. Twitter integration is also available for 3GS owners.

Features that don’t work include image editing such as red eye removel, cropping as well as the magic wand. Also reports of the tab bar not functioning was also mentioned although this might be a mistake of the creator of the video below.

Other than that, it appears that iPhone 3GS owners will get everything else included with iOS 5. As more beta versions of the OS are launched to developers, we should hear more in regards to what else is missing. At this point though, it seems that iOS 5 will be almost fully functional on the 3GS.


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