iOS 5 GM Release Expected September 23

iOS 5 is expected to launch within the next month or so. We now hear that the iOS 5 GM release date will be in the last week of September which will then be followed by the official launch sometime in the middle of October.

When launched, iOS 5 will be made available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The GM version of iOS releases is generally the final code that will be pushed out publicly. Occasionally other bugs are found which forces another GM release, but when GM hits you are generally looking at the final software that will release to the general public.

Upon receiving the software, Apple’s overseas assemblers will be able to install it on the finalized hardware and prepare it for shipping. The latest version of iOS will come preinstalled on both the fifth-generation models of the iPhone and iPod touch, set to be released in the coming weeks.

With the assemblers getting iOS 5 towards the end of this month it means that the iPhone 5 release date will follow shortly after so that when the new smartphone arrives, it runs the latest version of the software.

Although we suggest that the iPhone 5 will get iOS 5 when it launches, this is all based on a rumour that the iPhone 5 is launching at all. Apple certainly hasn’t confirmed the launch although we’d be surprised if Apple didn’t release its next generation device.


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