iOS 5 Beta 5 Released to Developers

Apple has released the next version of iOS 5 to developers. This time it’s Beta 5 that brings a few more fixes and modifications. The new beta 5 does work as an OTA update although to get iOS 5 to recognise it, you need to do a full erase of your iPhone or iPad. When booted you’ll then be able to download the OTA update and once installed, you can restore your iPhone/iPad from an iCloud backup or restore it from a recent iTunes backup.

If you plan on restoring via iTunes then you’ll also need to download iTunes Beta 5 as the previous version does not work fully with iOS 5 Beta 5. The latest beta of iTunes is available at the Apple developers site.

If you prefer not to do an OTA update then you can also download the full beta 5 from the developers site.

Expect another beta to launch in the next 10 days or so followed by another version 1 to 2 weeks after that. We expect to see an early September launch although that could move to mid September depending on bugs found.


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