iOS 5.1 On All Devices Jailbroken

pod2g has managed to jailbreak a 3rd gen iPad running iOS 5.1. The jailbreak is still rough around the edges and isn’t ready for launch, but from what we understand, it will be capable of jaialbreaking any iOS 5.1 device which includes the iPhone 4S.

Although the jailbreak was successful, it will still be several weeks before the software is released as a lot of tidying up is needed to be done so that it works seamlessly for any device running iOS 5.1.

A few days ago, Apple released iOS 5.1.1. This particular jailbreak is not compatible with that, so if you want to jailbreak in the future, don’t go beyond 5.1 just yet. However, a report indicates that a jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 is progressing quite well, so perhaps in a couple of months we might be able to jailbreak (untethered) 5.1.1 as well.

The video below shows a latest gen iPad being jailbroke by pod2g.

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