iOS 5.1 Beta Breaks Home Screen Shortcuts

A handy trick was found a few weeks ago which let users create shortcuts in iOS to various settings without the need to jailbreak the iPhone. These shortcuts could be used to switch WiFi on and off which then prevented the need to go home, click settings, click wireless and toggle it off. It appears that the latest 5.1 update has now broken this feature.

We are assuming that Apple doesn’t want this to happen and that iOS 5.1 beta now has modified code to prevent these shortcuts from being created.

As well as disabling the shortcuts, we also learn that the battery problems appear to not be fixed in the new beta. In some cases reports are hinting that battery life is worse although remember that iOS 5.1 is currently on the first public beta and that betas also are not fully optimised. Several more betas will likely be made available (perhaps a 2 and a 3) before the final release, so there’s plenty of time for more fixes to be made between now and the release date.


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