iOS 4.3 Could Get Mobile Hotspot Features

When Verizon announced the iPhone 4 yesterday, there weren’t many changes at all. The changes to hardware included a slight change to the antenna because of the device using CDMA, and a lack of a microSIM slot due to a SIM not being needed.

The only software change made to the Verizon version was in the settings menu where a new item called Mobile Hotspot was spotted. When enabled, it allows users to set up the iPhone 4 as a mobile hotspot and let other users connect over WiFi or Bluetooth to it. The iOS running on the Verizon iPhone is 4.2.5 which is slightly higher than the GSM model of the phone.

Rumors are now hinting that Apple is prepping an update to iOS 4.2 and soon will launch 4.3 with the mobile hotspot features for all users although the downside is that Apple might allow carriers to enable and disable this as they please in the same way tethering is available on some networks but not on others.

Rumors hinted that iOS 4.3 was due out this month, but as of yet there have been no official announcements made.

If your iPhone 4 got mobile hotspot functions, would you use it much? For those with a WiFi iPad, this could be ideal as it makes for quite a seamless way to connect the iPad up to the web whilst on the move. We suspect some charge will be made by carriers to use it though.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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