iOS 4.3 Launching Today

OS 4.3 was expected to launch in a few days time on March 11 along side the launch of the US iPad 2. We now hear hints that it could be launching within the next few hours. Along with the launch, we also know that the Personal Hotspot feature will be launching, although a chargeable service in most cases.

Another interesting bit of information comes, thanks to BGR, in saying that the rumored 3 Wireless Users limit is actually not a hard limit and that the iPhone 4 supports up to 5 users being connected. However, it is up to the carrier to decide what the limit is. By default it is set at 3, but can be lifted if the carriers so wish.

The 10am launch today is PT which makes it 6PM over this way in the UK.

This version of iOS is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (GSM model), iPod touch 3rd gen and 4th gen as well as the iPad and iPad 2. To prepare to get the download, you’ll need to upgrade to iTunes 10.2 that launched a few days ago. If you jailbreak and/or unlock, then hold off for now and get advice from the dev team as you could re-lock your device by updating. Same applies for iTunes, only update when told to do so.

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