iOS 4.2 iPad Page Goes Live at Apple

Apple [AAPL] has uploaded a new page to it’s website that provides the official details of iOS 4.2 for iPad. The iOS 4.2 release date is November this year which will bring everything to iPad which includes multi-tasking, folders as well as the ability to print among a number of other enhancements.

On the official iOS 4.2 page, Apple mention that over 100 enhancements will be added to the iPad with the update. These features include the much wanted multitasking that allows you to switch quickly between apps. This works exactly how it does on the iPhone running iOS 4.

Folders is another feature wanted by many. Folders also works the same was as the iPhone/iPod touch running iOS 4 in that you drag 1 icon on to another to create a folder.

Although iOS 4.2 will be a good thing for the iPad, it’s a shame we are left waiting for so long… perhaps even to the point of the iPad 2 being launched shortly after the iOS 4.2 release.

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