iOS 4.2 Changes iPad Orientation Switch to a Mute Switch

Apple [AAPL] looks set to be changing one of the functions of the iPad in the next iOS update. When iOS 4.2 is released, the current orientation lock switch found on the top right of the device will suddenly be changed to a mute switch for switching sound off.

Unfortunately from what we have heard, this is not an optional change and that the mute switch will be hear to stay.

For some people though, this is causing a bit of upset as many do not need the option to mute their sound with the flick of a switch, but they do enjoy the ability to lock the screen orientation at the flick of a switch. To lock the screen orientation after the update you’ll need to tap the home button twice, scroll to the left and hit an onscreen button.

What are your thoughts? Do you need a physical mute button, or would you prefer to stick to using a physical screen orientation lock button?

The image below shows what the physical buttons will be changing to. Only the mute/screen lock button will change.

Via: 9to5Mac


  1. Absolutely outrageous. I have bought this hardware with the vital rotation lock switch. They have no right to take away the feature I bought the machine with. IMO this is breach of contract. The screen button that is supposed to do the same thing doesn’t. It only locks it into portrait so there will be no way to lock into landscape which is my preferred mode.

    They will have to change this if enough of us complain wide and far. I really don’t understand why apple always let their products down with this kind of ‘we know better’ domination attitude. They don’t deserve the vast success they have achieved.

    • Just to clarify, my software lock button locks the orientation to the current view, portrate or landscape.

      I prefer the new mode. More consistent with iPhone. Would like a ” gesture” to lock the screen – it is a common feature to use.

  2. Ridiculous. I’ll be sure to let Apple know how I feel. I use that switch all the time just for orientation lock. Occasionally I want to switch orientation and lock, and it’s a quick flip back and forth.

    If they receive enough complaints, they will add it as an option. At least, they SAY they listen to their customers…

  3. Meh. Not what I’d prefer, but far from absolutely outrageous. That descriptor might better be applied to things like the fact that we still can’t customize notification sounds for Mail, VoiceMail and SMS. Even then, I think absolutely outrageous is a bit of a stretch.

    I really don’t understand why so many Apple users feel like their way of using a device is the way most people use it. CLEARLY, Apple had a reason for making this changed that is probably the result of much feedback from the user community. If enough people pipe up, perhaps they’ll allow us to choose the functionality for that button.

  4. This was a move aimed at changing a very frequently used function from a physical switch to a touch screen switch. I agree that it is now a huge pain in the arse to lock the orientation and would love to have it back, however Apple won’t put it back as it would cost them a lot of money in repairs for the physical switches that would start failing. There needs to be another way! How about a small, button that’s always visible from the spring board?

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