iOS 4.2 To Increase Performance on iPhone 3G

When iOS 4.2 gets released, it will increase the performance of the iPhone 3G. Ever since the launch of iOS 4.0 a few months back, iPhone 3G users have been left with a device that struggles to run as it did with 3.1.X. When iOS 4.1 was released, it some what fixed those problems although there are still a few speed issues here and there.

After a bit of testing of the 4.2 GM release, it appears that Apple [AAPL] has managed to iron out the bugs and bring the iPhone 3G running iOS 4 on par with when it ran iOS 3.

The GM release was pushed out last week by Apple and this particular version tends to be identical to the final public release which we expect will launch some time this week.

The video below gives a quick demo of the iPhone 3G running iOS 4.2 to help give you a feel of what you can expect. It starts off with the 3G running iOS 3.x to give a quick comparison of what differences there are.

Via: TiPb and Geeky Gadgets

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