iOS 4.2 Coming Soon According to Apple

Apple [AAPL] sent out an email to developers the other day indicating that iOS 4.2 was just around the corner.

The email says that iOS 4.2 will soon be in the hands of millions of customers around the world. The email was sent out to developers to let them know they can now submit updated apps to the app store that contain 4.2 optimised code and then suggest that developers can start utilising Multitasking (already available from 4.0 onwards) as well as Game Center (4.1 onwards) and finally AirPrint (iOS 4.2 onwards).

There still is no official release date for iOS 4.2, but speculation hits at this week or early next week as the final date when it will publicly become available.

The full email from Apple is embedded as an image below…

Via: Pocket-Lint

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