iOS 4.1.1 Update for Apple TV Arrives

Apple [AAPL] has released the iOS 4.1.1 update for those running the second generation Apple TV. What the new update does is fixes a few annoying problems that the ATV had.

Problems indicated included issues with HDTV’s incorrectly displaying 480p content as well as movies and TV shows that from time to time, had to be re-downloaded.

The iOS 4.1.1 update comes just a few weeks after the Apple TV got the iOS 4.1 update which provided AirPlay functionality to the device.

A reader over at Apple Insider found that it fixed certain problems he had…

“My TV (Fujitsu) 42″ (2004 model) only has a DVI port (no HDMI),” the reader wrote. “I use a HDMI to DVI cable to watch the Apple TV content. Previously, the TV flickered on the top and on the right. After the update, the flickering was gone. The system works perfectly fine now.”

On the downside, it appears that the iOS 4.1.1 update hasn’t fixed all the problems for all users.

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