iOS 4.1 Update – What’s Included?

CultofMac have looked in to what new is coming with the iOS 4.1 update that launched in beta to developers just last night. We already know that the signal bar is being redone with the lower 3 bars being raised slightly and a whole new and accurate formula to represent what signal users have.

Also included in the iOS 4.1 update are changed and a revamp of the Games Center application as well as FaceTime favourites and a camera app update that sees auto-rotate being added to the application. Currently the layout stays the same with the icons rotating.

As expected, there isn’t really much added to the new iOS 4.1 and that’s to be expected on an update that arrives so soon after the initial launch of iOS 4.0.

More pics of the new features can be found over at CultofMac.

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