iOS 4.1 Unlock for 3GS Baseband 05.14.02 Details Emerge

Last week, details emerged about the 05.14.02 unlock for the iPhone 3GS not being worked on.

It seems now though that a potential unlock can be made for this baseband after some work was done over the weekend by a hacker named Clayton. The exploit found was used to crash the iPhone 3GS and it is expected now that an unlock could emerge from this work.

The crash happens when a certain command is fed to the baseband. The exploit hasn’t been confirmed by the iPhone Dev Team yet although Clayton believes it is looking more probable than three previous attempts to crack it open.

So, where does this leave things? Perhaps some kind of unlock can be made from this exploit although it’s a little early to know for sure what will happen.

The video embedded below shows the crash happening…

Via: RedmondPie


  1. I also stumbled across this crash wen jailbreaking a blocked iPhone yesterday! Some how it crashed half way throu j.b than we done a full restore throu iTunes and magically it was not barred any more? Then jailbroke it again(stupidly) and the bar came back on!!! Errrr pls help me thanks …and yes I no it illegal. Lol

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