iOS 4.1 Testing in Progress on a Variety of New Devices Including iPod touch 4

Apple [AAPL] looks to be currently testing iOS 4.1 on a number of devices which includes the unannounced iPod touch 4, iPad and an unknown product (perhaps iTV).

The latest Beta of iOS 4.1 has a few indications that Apple is testing these devices. It is expected that the iOS 4.1 release date is sometime within the next month.

The information is part of the latest iOS 4.1 beta in a section called “Configuration Descriptors”. The first device on the list (image below) shows a device code as iPod 4,1 which indicated it is the first iteration of the 4th gen iPod touch.

The next descriptor refers to the iProd 2,1 which is believed to be the Apple iPad (second generation, first iteration). Just before the current iPad launched it was given the name of iProd 1,1.

The final descriptor is referred to as unknownHardware which has an Apple Product ID os 20547. This could be the new Apple TV which appears to be renamed to the iTV.

We should find out all the official details next month at the next big Apple event. Until then we are left speculating on what might be coming up soon.

Via: Apple Insider

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