iOS 4.1 Bug Lets you Bypass Lock Screen

iOS 4.1 and 4.2 has a bug that allows you to bypass the lock screen of any iPhone and gain access to the phone features of the device. It works by hitting the emergency call button and dialing a random number. When you do that and hit call, you quickly switch off the phone and switch it back on. Once this is done, the calling section of the phone is available.

When you are in the calling section you can browse around contacts, recent calls, favorites etc… and can make calls to any number. What you cannot do is switch your phone off when in this menu. To do this, you need to make a call and then hang up and switch off and back on to get back to the regular lock screen.

With it being outed while iOS 4.2 is still in beta, we suspect Apple [AAPL] will include a fix in the 4.2 iOS when it is released in a few weeks time.

Check out Engadget to see a video demonstration of this happening.

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