iOS 4.0.2 iPhone 3G Unlock Still Works

With the release of iOS 4.0.2 last night, it raises the questions of jailbreaking and unlocking the new version. From what we understand, iOS 4.0.2 uses the same baseband as 4.0.1 and can therefore be unlocked. However, you need to be able to jailbreak your iPhone to apply the unlock which is where the problem is now since Apple [AAPL] closed the security hole that used to jailbreak the phone.

The current iPhone 4 jailbreak was broken with the iOS 4.0.2 update which means that if you want a jailbroken iPhone 4, you’ll need to leave it on 4.0.1 or on previous versions. The same goes for the iPhone 3GS.

However, if you updated your iPhone 3G to iOS 4.0.2 then you are still in luck as you can still use Redsn0w to jailbreak your iOS 4.0.2 iPhone 3G.

When you have jailbroken your iPhone 3G, you just need to grab Ultrasn0w and unlock the phone with it.

It is unlikely that will be updated to use one of several security holes available until iOS 4.1 is launched. We expect that Apple will be launching the next iOS shortly as it is currently in beta 3 form and getting closer now.

Via: RedmondPie

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