iOS 4 Expected at 6PM UK – 10am PST – Rumour

iOS 4 is landing today although it isn’t ready for download just yet. For those asking when it will arrive, we expect that in the UK we’ll see it around 6pm although with the amount of iPhones that will be upgrading today it might be difficult to get a quick download of iOS 4.

Although the timing is just rumours, it does follow roughly the previous major update timings.

Product Reviews ran a poll asking users if they will be upgrading. 64% of iPhone uses who voted said that they would upgrade to the new iOS 4 as soon as it is made available with 19% waiting a few hours and 15% waiting a few days to upgrade.

When the iPhone 4 launches later this week, the new iPhone will already come with iOS 4 pre-installed which prevents the need to download it when you get the new device.

We’ll keep checking iTunes through out today and let you know if iOS 4 lands any time earlier, but expect it later on this evening.

Via: OnlineSocialMedia

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