iOS 4 Bluetooth Problems

Since the release of iOS 4, a number of complaints about Bluetooth have appeared on the Apple [AAPL] support forums. It seems like those who decided to upgrade from iOS 3.X to iOS 4 have been getting the problems with patch connections and bad audio quality.

The problems are not all related to those who have upgraded though as some who run the iPhone 4 which is supplied with iOS 4 are also reporting the issue. The problem with playing audio wirelessly is also being reported.

Apple at the moment do not seem to be doing anything to fix the reported issues although right now it isn’t clear how much of a problem the new iOS is causing.

We suspect that they are investigating in the background quietly before admitting a problem. As with the antenna problems reported, Apple like to test and see things for themselves before speaking up about something.

Unfortunately, if you have upgraded to iOS 4 then there is no official way to downgrade to iOS 3.1.3 or below, so for now it’s a matter of waiting for Apple to look at this.

Let us know if you have seen these issues.

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  1. Yep – seen these problems with two different 3GS phones after upgrading to iOS4.

    My 3GS phone – on upgrade to 4.0 – no problems. As soon as I went to 4.0.1 it started to fail to automatically connect anymore to my car’s built in bluetooth (Ford Mondeo) 9 times out of 10 (this after 6 months of not once ever skipping a beat when on iOS3.x.x). Most times I can get it to manually connect by forcing it to forget the car, rediscover it and enter the pin again. Sometimes it will simply refuse to connect at all – especially if I am in traffic and it can see other Bluetooth devices nearby. At least once it connects (if and when I can get it to connect), it stays connected and audio quality is fine.

    My wife’s phone connects to her Motorola Motorokr unit fine – but she can be driving along in traffic and get snatches of other peoples phone conversations and GPS spoken directions over the top of the music playing from her iPhone through the bluetooth connection (!) She reports that this only started happening since upgrading to iOS4.0.1.

    iOS4.0.2 has not appeared to have improved anything. Wishing now I had never upgraded from iOS3 and hoping that iOS4.1 fixes these issues.

  2. I have two iPod Touches running iOS 4 (one each gen 2 and gen 3). Neither one will hold a connection to my BlueAnt Q1, even after the Q1 firmware upgrade. At first, I thought it was the headset…but now that I see that both units are underperforming equally, it’s obvious that it’s the iPods. Anytime I even break line of sight, the connection breaks…even if its just my head in the way.

    This is pathetic. And it’s not winning the iPhone any brownie points with me…coming to Verizon or not. So far, I’m gonna have to stick with the Droid…which connects just fine and doesn’t have such a crappy functional Bluetooth range.

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