iOS 4.3.3 To Fix Location Tracking – Update Coming Soon

A new version of iOS will be launching soon. The new update will be version 4.3.3 and will fix a few recently uncovered problems such as the location tracking issue.

The changes made to location include the decrease in the size of the database, down to 7 days I believe. Also, this particular database will no longer be backed up by iTunes. We also hear that the location based data will be wiped completely when the location services are switched off.

Other items included in the update are various bug fixes for the iPod. Battery life is also said to be improved upon with this latest update. It isn’t clear if that’s for all iOS devices that run the OS, or if it’s iPhone or iPad specific. If location tracking is cut back a little though, this could be where the battery life is increased a little.

An exact release date is not known at the moment, but expect it within the next couple of weeks.

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