IOGear Security Mouse

Security for some people is essential. I know that the data I carry around on my flash drive is important enough not to get in to anyone elses hands. A lot of companies these days require encryption on laptops to comply with the latest security regulations. The IOGear security mouse helps tackle this problem by including a fingerprint reader. The mouse contains a virtual drive which cannot be accessed unless you authenticate with your fingerprint. On swiping the correct finger print the data can then be read in an unencrypted form.

Also included in the mouse is a Nano Shield technology that stops 99% of germs building up on your mouse. Not sure if thats ever been a serious problem in life but it is an addition for those concious of a clean healthy mouse. The IOGear security mouse costs 79.95 dollars and will be available in February in the US.

Via: UberGizmo

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