Intel Chips Allow your Computer to Update while Switched Off

What would you think to having an Intel chipset that allowed your computer to still receive updates and maintenance while it is switched off? Its kind of cool in some ways but worrying in other ways if you ask me. This technology was introduced by Intel last year. According to them, it only allows authorised personnel to power up, repair and update switched off PCs with in a corporate network.

Intel are wanting to push this further in to main stream with consumers so that they do not need to worry about their PC being upgraded as it is all done behind the scenes for them. When the user switches on their PC a message pops up saying that their new updates have been installed.

A couple of points have been raised though. The first is privacy which will allow someone else (a company) to access your machine to run the updates. They talked this down by saying the software running it wouldnt care who you are or what you do as it would just connect and update like any other PC.

However, my concern is that if there is a way to get access then what is to prevent someone else abusing the system and gaining access to install a virus for example. If there is a way in then I am sure someone will find a backdoor somewhere. I doubt it is something I would trust right now, but depending on how it all actually works when it happens I could be persuaded either way.

Only time will tell on this one and I still look forwards to seeing where this technology will end up going.

Via: Softpedia

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