Intel to Build Tablet Devices – Will go on show at Computex 2010

Intel has revealed that they will be delivering an alternative to the Apple iPad and other tablet based devices.

The information comes from Mooly Eden who is the vice president of the PC client group.

Intel ‘are going to design silicon for the tablet segment and will ‘actively participate in the market.

‘People ask me, are you serious about trying to participate in the tablet market? The answer is yes, we are going to have tablets ¦ stay tuned for Computex. We are going to design silicon for this category and we are going to actively participate in this category. Mooly Eden, VP PC Client Group, Intel

Not much was announced in the way of what will run inside other than mention of a dual-core CPU being found inside. In terms of the operating system running we hear that a number of different operating systems will be used which includes Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android and Chrome.

Specific mention about multi-tasking was heard with Eden pointing out the parallel processing power of the Intel chips being used. This is why Intel will use dual-core processors to allow for better performance.

Intel will have a few models on show at Computex 2010 which will be held shortly.

Via: SlashGear and CNET

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