Intel Atom System-on-chip (SoC) Unveiled

Intel have announced a new version of it’s Intel Atom processor that uses a system-on-chip configuration. The Intel Atom SoC has been nicknamed Tunnel Creek and will be based around the Moorestown Atom chip.

The chip it’s self will be designed to be used in computers embedded around the home which could include home media systems, phones, tablets or perhaps even in-car entertainment and navigation systems to name a few things.

SoC allows the chip to contain the CPU it’s self along with a memory controller and graphics cores as well allowing easier integration in to devices.

Intel are making the new Atom SoC compatible with other custom chipsets allowing them to easily connect up and communicate with the CPU using the PCI Express format.

It is expected that LG will be one of the first to make use of this particular system-on-chip later on this year when they launch a new mobile phone. Following that we should see more devices using this particular chip, or a similar chip as upgrades happen over the course of next year (2011).

Via: Electronista

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