Intel Atom Dual Core for Netbooks a Possibility

Netbooks often use Intel Atom processors inside that traditionally come in a single core layout. Desktop versions of Intel Atom processors also exist but there are generally two options with those processors allowing you to choose from either a single or dual core. We are now hearing that netbooks might be getting dual core options in the near future.

We are hearing that the new dual core Atom CPU’s will be called the Intel Atom N500 and be specifically designed for netbooks in that they are efficient in what power they need to draw.

Before you get all excited though, adding a second core to an Intel Atom processor isn’t going to yield much difference due to the fact that Intel have designed the Atom processors to be efficient, low powered and a step or two down from the more powerful CPU’s we see in desktop computers.

The good news is that although the difference wont be huge, it will still be a difference that might allow switching between windows and loading up images to be that little bit quicker.

As of yet we do not know if this will actually happen or if it will be called the Intel Atom N500, but from what we think, we could be seeing them by the end of the year showing up in netbooks.

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  1. LunarSpotlight says

    I’m a bit confused, I thought that dual-core netbooks already existed, such as the Asus Eee 1201n, which was released near the beginning of this year. I actually had to check the date the article was written to make sure this wasn’t from 2009. So, most definitely we’ll have them by the end of the year, because they’re already here.

    As for the “N500” specifically (if it’s more than just speculation), that could be released as early as this June.

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