Intel to Acquire McAfee for $7.68 Billion

Intel has announced that it will be acquiring McAfee for $48/share which gives the deal a total price of $7.8 billion.

The acquisition reflects that security is now a fundamental component of online computing. Today’s security approach does not fully address the billions of new Internet-ready devices connecting, including mobile and wireless devices, TVs, cars, medical devices and ATM machines as well as the accompanying surge in cyber threats. Providing protection to a diverse online world requires a fundamentally new approach involving software, hardware and services.

“Hardware-enhanced security will lead to breakthroughs in effectively countering the increasingly sophisticated threats of today and tomorrow,” said James. “This acquisition is consistent with our software and services strategy to deliver an outstanding computing experience in fast-growing business areas, especially around the move to wireless mobility.”

It’s certainly an interesting move for Intel and with the two companies beginning to work together, we can expect to see some hardware based virus and security rather than just software-based alone.

Via: Gizmodo

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