Integrated SIM Card for iPhone Scrapped – Could Still Happen in iPad

Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Apple [AAPL] was working on an integrated SIM card that could potentially cut the carriers out of the buying loop. What an integrated SIM card would do is come “blank” and when the phone is first used, you get to chose from a list of carriers which one you want to join and what price plan on. This in turn would prevent the need for Orange, O2 and others from selling the phone as essentially, they wouldn’t be needed as such (other than providing a price plan of course).

It seems that Apple will not actually be going down this route any more now due to backlash from carriers. One particular carrier is believe to have said…

“Apple has long been trying to build closer and closer relationships and cut out the operators. But this time they have been sent back to the drawing board with their tails between their legs.”

It’s unclear at the moment if the carriers caused this, or if the GSMA decided this as they are also looking at a standard to come in to play in 2012 which would essentially have done the same thing that Apple is trying to achieve.

On another note, it appears that the iPad could still get an integrated SIM as this particular device is not sold subsidised here in the UK. It comes unlocked and SIM free for you to plug in any microSIM and work away

Via: Gizmodo and Telegraph

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