Instapaper iPad App Unveiled

Instapaper is an application already available for the Apple iPhone and Kindle from Amazon. The company behind it have modified the application to better suit the Apple iPad and have submitted it for approval to the app store.

Due to having a larger screen, the application looks far better than on the iPhone due to more screen estate and being able to show more information on the larger screen.

For those of you unaware of Instapaper, it’s an application that allows you to bookmark articles that you come across on the internet and save them to read later. The system works by using a bookmarklet in your computer browser and if you want to read something later you simply click on it, where the article is then sent to your iPad for reading at a later date.

When sent to a mobile device such as the Apple [AAPL] iPad or iPhone, the application also strips out clutter from the site showing just the text for you to read through.

Both a free version and Pro version exist for the iPhone. If you have already purchased the Pro version then you’ll be able to get the iPad version for free to sync up anything that is already on your account.

Check out more details of Instapaper for iPad over here.

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