Instapaper for iOS Updated

Instapaper for iOS has received a BIG update. The new version is 4.0 and brings with it a few changes as well as design changes on the iPad to make better use of the larger screen.

The iPhone version, pictured below, shows a more unified navigation system. The design for the iPhone has also been tweaked a little. When reading an article the top navigation has been removed (can be put back if desired) so that the screen is less cluttered and provides more reading space.

Instapaper 4.0 also now has put the archive and delete options next to each other so that you get the option of what to do with an article.

On to the iPad version (pictured at the bottom), the main home screen now has a completely different look. On the previous version it was just a large list that looked similar to the iPhone version. The new version now uses a grid layout to show your stored items and uses a menu that runs down the left of the screen.

In addition to using the built in dictionary, you can also now use Wikipedia to look for terms. This of course requires that your iPad be connected to the Internet to get the necessary information.

A multi selection tool has also been added that allows you to move in to a selection mode (like the built in iOS mail app) and then check all the items that need archiving or deleting.

Overall, a nice improvement for Instapaper users. You can get the update now via the App Store.


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