How to Install Google Android on the iPhone 2G

Last week we wrote about Google Android running on an Apple iPhone. The video demonstration showed a dual boot setup where Android could be selected as an OS to run on the iPhone.

A lot of the features worked on the build including the ability to make calls and browse the internet. Some how-to instructions have now been made that show exactly how you can get Android running on your iPhone.

The instructions come thanks to Androidalot who have broken down every single step click by click so that even beginners should be ok with this. Remember this is for the iPhone 2G only at the moment though!

Also, as with any root and messing with the firmware, remember that you could end up with an expensive brick, so only do it if you are not too worried about that, or if you are confident you can follow the instructions.

Full details can be found here on how to get the OS running on the iPhone. Just on a side note, it is Android 1.6 you will be installing and not the latest 2.1.


  1. Does this work on the IPhone 3G?

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