Instagram 3.0 update launches

Instagram for iOS and Android has been updated to version 3.0. The new version enhances the app and brings new features such as updated profiles as well as Photo Maps.

Photo Maps is the center piece of the update and allows you to look at photos on a map which positions them with the geo-tag of the picture when captured. As well as seeing your own photos on the map, Instagram 3.0 also allows you to see the locations of other peoples photos on the map.

Rather than being in a list view, Photo Map lets you easily view photos on the map, perhaps ones that you took right when Instagram first launched. This makes it quicker to access those pictures which on version 2, you’d have to scroll down through a time-line to view them.

Although photos are visible on a map, there are privacy controls built in that basically require your permission to be viewed by others.

Although Photo Maps looks great as it is, the update is only the beginning as Instagram will eventually add features such as events to the map which means you could in theory search out the Olympics theme and see pictures from a certain time frame from the London Olympics location.

As well as adding Photo Maps, Instagram also now has updated profiles as well as Hash tag pages along with location pages. Although there’s been a lot of changes to the actual app and how you retrieve/share the data, at the moment there are no new filters on this version although more will be coming eventually.

If you are interested in numbers, Instagram will soon reach 200 million downloads which is extremely impressive!


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