Inklet App Converts Multi-Touch MacBook TrackPad in to Drawing Tablet

The Inklet App is designed for MacBooks that have the multi-touch trackpad installed. What it does is converts the trackpad in to a drawing tablet. When used in conjunction with a Pogo Sketch it allows for pressure to be detected too.

Features included allow it to function with Adobe Photoshop. By using multi-touch gestures the software can be modified to create smaller windows to work within, or the option to move the application around the canvas allowing drawings in other locations of the screen.

As well as working in Photoshop the Inklet App also works in other applications and features handwriting recognition allowing you to scribble notes on to the trackpad and have them converted in to computer text. That particular system still uses the same window used for Photoshop but this time it is overlaid on a notepad and then the text is copied over to the software needed.

To see how the system works check out the two video’s below that give a full demonstration of what it is capable of. The application costs $24.99 with full details available here.

Via: Engadget


  1. That is amazing…I have a friend who is an illustrator who could use something like this with Photoshop

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