InkJet costs 8000 USD Per Gallon

When using your day to day home printer you probably never calculated that InkJet Ink can cost you up to $8000 per gallon. I was shocked to read that. InkJet printers tend to be dirt cheap, next to nothing to buy these days and often it is the case that the printer is cheaper then the cartridges to fill it. Over the last few years I have heard complaints from some that little microchips are put inside the ink cartridges and if this is not present, or it has expired, then you need a new one. With crazy ink prices, no wonder the Ink Refill people are hard at work creating alternatives in this lucrative industry.

Jon Chase wrote over on PopSci that he has now thrown his printer away and uses online services to print his pictures out. After reading that it certainly makes sense as I for one, would not want to pay that amount per gallon of anything.

It’s interesting that a number of law suits have been filed around this subject by competitors, end users, refill companies and what not. Check out PopSci as it makes a great read on the topic.

Via: Fosfor

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