Inflatable Roof Rack


Roof Rack keeps scratches away

This inflatable roof rack is one of those excellent ideas which you are glad someone thought of. It is named the HandiRack and is set to cost around $100. The roof rack as mentioned earlier is inflatable which prevents you scratching or damaging the roof of your car while trying to fit it. Installation is easy as you just put them on your roof and fasten it to the car with straps which are thin enough to fit between the doors. Once inflated they can carry up to 175 pounds of weight.

HandiRack is portable

The HandiRack is also very portable. Once deflated they can be rolled up to the size of a small toaster and stored in your car. This is also a bonus over the regular sized roof racks which usually need to stay on your car or be put indoors. The HandiRack is very durable and is made of triple layer vinyl.

One requirement of the inflatable roof rack is that you cannot use it on a car with curtain airbags. If you car has 4 doors and no curtain airbags then you should be good to go.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

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