Infinity Blade for iOS Goes on Sale

Infinity Blade for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch has dropped in price from $5.99 down to $2.99. It is believed that the price is a temporary sale of the game and that after an unannounced period of time, it will be hiked back up to the original price.

The game uses the Unreal Engine to deliver excellent 3D visuals. The storyline sees you avenging your fathers death which involves shields, swords and various other items you can work with through the game.

As mentioned above, we are unsure when it will go back up in price, so it’s well worth grabbing a copy now if you were on the fence about paying $5.99 for it.

The app is universal, so only 1 purchase is required for the smaller screen iPhone and larger screen iPad. In the UK the drop takes it down to £1.99 while in Europe the price is €2.39 down from £3.99 / $5.99 and €4.99.


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