Indoor RC Plane – Aero Soarer

Aero Soarer
Indoor RC toys are becoming more popular over the last year or so. The Picoz RC Helicopter is one of my favorite due to it’s tiny size and the ability to fly around your living room and not destroy anything.

Tomy have now released the Aero Soarer which is an indoor RC plane. It weighs next to nothing with it being made from polystyrene (Styrofoam for you in the US) and is light enough to fly without much power. The planes controller has 2 functions. The first is the controller for the plane which allows you to increase the the throttle which makes the plane go up and decrease to go down, also it allows you to steer the plane. The second function is that it doubles as a charger for the plane. There is no mention of how long it takes to charge, but average usage for RC flying toys are around 5 – 10 minutes of flying on about 20 – 30 minutes of charging.

The Aero Soarer is also customisable although I am not 100% sure yet how you can customise it. Maybe you can chop off a bit of the wing and shape it better, or maybe add LEDs.

It is available from Play-Asia for $19.90.

Via: NerdApproved


  1. I buy it and now playing with my cat and plane, but they ship to long, for one week..

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