Incoming! for iPhone allows Free Calls

A new application for the iPhone has just been launched in the app store. The application is called Incoming! and what it does is allows you to make every single call that you make in to an incoming Skype call using your dataplan. This means that it gives you the full benefits of Skype but without the Wi-Fi restrictions.

If you have an iPhone plan that allows free incoming calls (like the UK folks do) then this app works by using Skype installed on your home PC or Mac. What you do is open up the incoming! application on your iPhone/iPod Touch, Dial the phone number of the person you want to speak to. Press call and at this point the call is routed to your home computer running a SKype helper application. Your PC then calls you back (hence the free call part if your plan allows it) and then once your connected the application makes a conference call to the other person using your SkypeOut minutes. If you are on an unlimited call plan on SkypeOut then the call will cost you nothing apart from your few $ a month subscription.

The Incoming! application requires no jail breaking to be done as it’s not blocked by anyway according to the developers. Another cool feature is that you can also do 9 way conference calling on the iPhone which I believe the official Skype App doesn’t let you do.

The app is available on the app store costing $4.99 and although we all want it for free, it could save you a boat load of cash if you make calls quite often.


  1. Screen Sleuth says

    AT&T must love apps like this…once they find out, they’ll try and do something about it i’m sure.

  2. informative post, thanks for shared

  3. freecalls says

    I do not much about the i-phone and i-pod application through skype. This is informative good.

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