iMessage and AirPlay Mirroring Could Arrive on OS X

Rumours are suggesting that Mac OS X Lion could be getting AirPlay Mirroring as well as an iMessage app. Although these new features are not confirmed yet, and could therefore not make it to a full release, we are hearing that users will soon be able to get access to more iOS features on the Mac.

AirPlay Mirroring was introduced with iOS 5 and lets users of an iPad or iPhone wirelessly transfer the contents of a device to a TV or projector connected up to an Apple TV.

For the iMessage app, it is believed that it will work identically to the same apps on the iPad and iPhone where you log in with your Apple ID and then can send and receive text messages via iMessage rather than via SMS. By logging in with your Mac OS X Lion computer it is believed it will simply load up messages as and when they are received.

Although none of these items are confirmed at the moment, each of them seem like an obvious choice. As we fund out more we’ll let you know. Take a look at the concept video below to see a mockup of how iMessage will work on the Mac.


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