Imation Flash Wristbands

The Imation Flash Wristband is a flash device which you can wear on your wrist. It stores information on it just like any other USB flash drive would, but is just bendy instead of being a rigid block of plastic. The idea of this device is that you can wear your storage rather then have it hanging on a keychain or loosely in your pocket. The flash wristband is made out of rubber which protects the flash drive from knocks etc… The memory capacity of the device currently goes up to 256Mb and colours available are black and blue.

Using the device is as simple as any USB flash drive. You just plug it in to your XP, ME or 2000 based PC and away it goes. It is compatible with older OS versions like Windows 98, but a driver needs to be installed to get it working. Compatibility with Mac is also available.

Via: Imation

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