iLunascape iPad Web Browser Review

The iLunascape web browser for the iPad was launched a few days ago. The application adds a few features that the built-in Safari browser doesn’t have.

One nice addition that we spotted immediately was tabbed browsing. This is possible in a way on Safari, but requires you hit a menu button to jump out of the current browser window and in to another. With iLunascape, the tabs are listed across the bottom of the screen which you can tap on to jump straight to the website you want. Up to six tabs are supported at a time which is less than the nine windows you can use in Safari, but the fast access to them is the bonus here.

The iLunascape browser works quite quick too. When using multitouch gestures to zoom in and out there is no lag and the zoom is as smooth as it is on Safari.

One unique feature of the application is the buttons and controls have been put at the bottom of the screen rather than the usual top part of the screen. This is ideal for times when you hold the iPad in portrait mode and type with your thumbs on the keyboard. Not having to let go of the iPad to tap the screen up top makes navigation a little easier.

The browser isn’t perfect just yet. One problem I noticed (and one I use often) is the ability to hold down on a link and open in a new window/tab. This option is available on Safari but not on iLunascape.

I’m going to test it for another week or so and see if it can replace the Safari browser on my iPad.

The app it’s self is free and available through the App store or through iTunes. More details available at the iLunascape website.

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