i-Got-Control iPhone Universal Remote Control

i-Got-Control is a universal remote control designed for the Apple iPhone. Apple [AAPL] recently allowed the dock connector to be used by 3rd party applications and in doing this, it allowed the iPhone remote control to be built.

The i-Got-Control is a device that plugs in to the dock connector on the iPhone and allows users to control their TV, DVD, BluRay player and many other gadgets from the screen of their iPhone.

The application that is used with the dock connector comes with many devices programmed in. If yours isn’t one of them then a few simple taps on the screen and button pushes on the other remote control allows the software to quickly learn how to communicate with your HDTV for example.

iPhone Remote Control Product Features

* Turn your iPhone into a color touchscreen universal remote
* Simply download the free app and plug in the included IR adapter
* Codes for thousands of different devices built in
* Create your own codes by “teaching” them from your original remote
* Store all your favorite devices and switch between them easily
* No batteries required

Available from ThinkGeek costing $69.99.

Via: Craziest Gadgets


  1. Channel Surfer says

    Thank you ThinkGeek for introducing me to this product. It was easy to order, received quickly and so easy to setup and use. Now I have all of my remotes in one place and I’m loving it.

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